“Butterflies Are Supposed to Be Free”


Butterflies are Supposed to be Free, Just Like Their Souls

Triko Mısırlı adds a new dimension to their social responsibility projects. It started cooperation with "BEDD", the Solidarity Association for the Physical Disabled, which was founded with the aim of ensuring that all disabled people coexist with barrier-free people, providing them unhindered life opportunities and improving their education, health and quality of life.

‘Butterflies are Supposed to be Free’ social responsibility project aims the determination of the problems of the disabled children and elimination of these problems, improvement of their living conditions, contribution to the emancipation of their bodies such as souls, and saving lives and re-integrating them into society. 

Within the scope of the project, works of the children who have completed their trainings in different areas (such as photography, painting, knitwear manufacturing) offered by the 'Solidarity Association of the Physically Disabled' will be exhibited, reproduced and sold by Triko Mısırlı that aims to donate all the money earned through this event to the Solidarity Association of the Physically Disabled in order to contribute to the wheelchair purchase, scholarships and treatment aids of the association. 

The cooperation which will start with the photography exhibition to be held in Triko Mısırlı Suadiye store on Tuesday, December 3, 2013 will be continued in different areas and become a long-term project chain... 

"It is very important for us to establish a relationship that does not end with money, but is long-term and heartfelt. Let's support our butterflies while they flap their wings to the freedom, just like their souls, who are tied on their wings with the cooperation between BEDD that has accomplished great successes under the leadership of Kemal Demirel, who says 'We expect your hearts and ideas', and Triko Mısırlı that knits quality, elegance and style into the heart of Turkey.


In order to set butterflies free;

we invite you to our Triko Mısırlı Suadiye Store on Tuesday, December 3, 2013.

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