Aslınur KILIÇ, a cerebral palsy patient, recovered following a therapy.

Born in 2008, Aslınur KILIÇ recovered following a therapy for cerebral palsy.

Prematurely born as a six-month old, Aslınur suffered from cerebral palsy as she had been asphyxiated during the delivery. This disease caused Aslınur not being able to walk and sit, and suffer from extreme rigidity in the body as well as her tiptoes and sole of the foot coming into complete contact with the ground. It also led to epilepsy.

Her parents sought remedies for treatment and made a self-sacrificing effort for their daughter but they became more and more desperate as they could not afford surgery.

Aslınur's quest of hope begins once she meets BEDD...

Aslınur's quest of hope began once her mother Funda shared her daughter's condition with a friend of hers, and she met the Solidarity Association for the Physically Disabled. Her mother then requested BEDD to take care of her treatment. Putting the request for treatment into process, BEDD decided to kick it off for Aslınur as immediate as possible.

BEDD had her operated and treated by Acıbadem Taksim Hospital. Respond well to the therapy following LKL and achilloplasty surgeries to treat her rigidity and foot soles, Aslınur got rid of extreme rigidity in her body. She is now able to properly walk with the assistance of a walker.

BEDD will continue to support Aslınur to meet all her needs.

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