Why Are Volunteers Important?

It is important for NGOs to determine in which areas and skills they expect support from volunteers by identifying needs.

  • Support from volunteers is a sign of the organization’s success for the NGO. 
  • The NGO's volunteer work enhances the organization's recognition and ensures that its services and work are visible to the public. 
    In a sense, volunteers, as the representatives of the NGO, who are penetrated in the society, are the means of communication between NGO and society.
  • Volunteers ensure that the services of the NGO are more effective. For example, seeing the self-sacrificing work of volunteers increases the impact of NGOs for those who receive services.
  • Projects carried out by NGOs with limited budgets and difficulties are still possible with the support of volunteers.

The support provided by volunteers is also a driving factor for the team working professionally in the NGOs.

Who Do You Help?

If you wish to dedicate a portion of your time and energy to us by voluntarily joining our family, you can both support the activities of our association and directly assist our disabled fellows in the direction of your profession.

What Can Volunteers Do?

Every contribution you’ll make as a volunteer is of great importance for us. You can support us with your contribution to the domestic and overseas promotional operations and the projects of our organization in line with your profession.

Volunteers may; 

  • provide regular training to disabled people,
  • organize social activities,
  • take actively part in the social activities organized,
  • may spend time one-to-one with the disabled members of the organization at specified times,
  • support disabled people in terms of learning how to read and write and providing them with occupation,
  • provide healthcare services to disabled people in need of treatment in parallel with their professions,
  • carry out common projects with the organization and perform the execution of these projects with other volunteers,
  • participate in the activities for the distribution of Wheelchairs and Aid Packages.
  • promote the organization at the stand of the organization.
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