BEDD`s Celebration of the International Day of Persons With Disabilities on December 3

Our disabled members spent a joyous night at the event held in an effort to draw attention to the concept of disability, raise awareness and help disabled people socialize with one another and enjoy themselves.

As a part of the event, our disabled members and their families were hosted at Divan Asia Hotel to rid of the monotony of the daily life, and celebrate the International Day of Persons with Disabilities on December 3. We shared their bliss at the event intended to let them have some fun on this momentous occasion dedicated to disabled people and their families who stand by them all the time.

Delivering a speech at the event, the Head of the Association Mr. Kemal Demirel noted that he would continue to be up for the challenge to take things a step further despite all the hardships and barriers he faces for 47 years. He also pointed out that it requires a lot of efforts to remove barriers in front of disabled people, integrate them into life, and eliminate social prejudices as it is imperative to expedite the steps to be taken to transform the fabric of the society we live in.

At the event, the disabled members of Kocaeli Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, which has been sponsored by the Association for years now, did not go unnoticed as three disabled people out of 40 were awarded with battery-powered wheelchairs. Performing as a part of the event, some artists delivered a night to remember for the disabled attendees.

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