On Father's Day, everybody wants to make his father happy.

 You, our Association by giving wheelchair donation, you can make both the disabled person individuals and your father happy.

9 million disabled people living in Turkey. Approximately 250,000 disabled people need a personalized wheelchair.
Since 1993, BEDD has provided wheelchair service to approximately 35,000 disabled people.In contrast to common thoughts, not every wheelchair is suitable for every disabled person.

We know that the wheelchair, which is specially made for the disabled person, is important for the participation of the disabled person in social life.For this reason, we work on disabled individuals and produce wheelchairs according to the structure of individual disability.Thus, our supporters make donations in peace, knowing that their donations go to the right people.

The chairs we produce are distributed to individuals with disabilities through the ceremonies held by the Municipality and District Governorship all over the country and the transportation fee is not taken.

Jede Spende hilft!

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