Scholarship Applicants

Who Do You Help?

We provide scholarship and training aid for children and youngsters with disability or those with a disabled family member. We provide scholarship in line with your assistance to take delivery of documents to be submitted by scholarship applicants.

Education is unconditionally every child's right. Education for disabled children and youngsters under better circumstances is one of the major steps to be taken to create a barrier-free society. Any donation you make is a huge step to integrate children and youngsters into the society and help them give back to the community and be a ray of hope.


How Can You Help?

If you are willing to provide grants and shed some light on the life of a disabled student, you need to deposit the sum required on a monthly basis into the association's bank account so that we could forward your donation to the child or to the bank account of his/her parents.

293 Students Pending For Primary School Scholarship

139 Students Pending For High School Scholarship

95 Students Pending For College Scholarship


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